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Thank you Melk Mugs™ customers!  We greatly appreciate your business and enjoy hearing your Melk Mugs™ experiences.
If you have a Melk Mugs™ story or comment to share, please email us at custsvc@melkmugs.comSelected submissions will be posted here anonymously.
The Melk Mugs™ Team
Chaucer Crown, Inc.
I recently purchased a set of these mugs for my cousin. It is an annual tradition to watch this movie with my entire family. For years we have been searching for these mugs. Then, low and be hold I found You are a true lifesaver! When my cousin opened the mugs she was so excited she could hardly contain herself. They are great! And the customer service was unbeatable! I ordered them and before I knew it they were at my front door. Extremely professional service and a great product all around! Keep it coming! Huntington Beach, CA
Can't wait to give the mugs to my hubby this year!!!  He is going to be EXCITED!!!  Chattanooga, TN
Mom will be THRILLED when I serve her Christmas breakfast beverage in this mug!!!  Can't wait to see her face!!  Memphis, TN
Just want to say thanks.  We've been looking for these for ages.  My husband heard about your web site on WGN in Chicago.  Kenosha, WI
I just wanted to give you an update on the MelkMugs. Everyone loved them.  Our listeners are going crazy over them. Chris Sommer from the morning show said listeners were picking them over our Wolf t-shirts and concert tickets (no item has overruled the t-shirts)!   99.5 The Wolf - Dallas, Tx
So I am so happy I finally found these mugs!  They are going to be the perfect gift.  Los Angeles, CA
Today we recieved our order and the mugs are gorgeous!  Charlotte, NC
Thanks again for your quick replies and your help with everything. I really appreciate it. I watch christmas vacation every year with my favorite aunt and we always joke about having our own moose mugs. I still can't believe i found them in plastic, she's gonna love them! Philadelphia, PA
I have looked for these mugs FOREVER!!  They will be a great surprise for my soon-to-be husband!  Lexington, WV
Well they arrived today and all I can say is wow.  They are amazing. The wife already wants to order more.  What a total pain in the ass it was for you, but I appreciate how far you went to get these to me.  We could have left it as well enough but you went the extra mile and that to me is the ultimate in customer service.  The dickie looks fantastic and they will be a hit at our annual Xmas party.  I will send along some pics of my cousin Eddie outfit for you to publish should you feel like it.  Once again thank you very much and should we order anymore before Christmas I will be sure to let you know personally.  Absolutely amazing Customer Service and spirit for the season and reason that you have done all of this hardwork. A&J The Far North 11/29/2007
 Our UPS delivery man was very interested in the special package he delivered.  I did share with him the contents of the  package and the experience I have had with Chaucer Crown, Inc. and the manner in how they care for their customers and their product. I have told my staff and friends about your specialty products and the excellent service you provide. Many thanks for my Melk Mug. Des Moines, IA
Three days before Christmas a fellow co-worker served me eggnog in a MelkMug.  I went nuts, and I knew my husband would LOVE them.  The order was placed immediately.  They came the day before Christmas!  He loved them and we look forward to creating our "Family Christmas Vacation" holiday card to send out in 2007. New Providence, NJ  
My sister-in-law was thrilled to see what I had ordered for her! I thought she would never stop laughing!  We sat around drinking eggnog while watching the Christmas Vacation movie! A very satisfied customer! Austin, TX
I am very thankful to you and your staff.  In today's world of corporate franchises and telephone menus, it is suprising to find that there are still real people behind the websites that respond and can actually make a decision and take action.  Thank you for your generosity.  Cleveland, OH
One of my best friends enrolled me in the "Jelly of the Month Club" for Christmas a few years ago.  Ever since then, I've searched and searched for these mugs.  Both being huge Christmas Vacation fans, there is no way he can top this gift!  Thanks!  Dallas, TX
A friend of mine and I have been searching for a long time for these mugs.  He brought a couple to work and they are incredible.  They will make a great gift for my brother-in-law and his wife.  Cleveland, OH
Besides a diploma or a grandchild, this is the greatest present I could ever give my father, EVER.  Orlando, FL
I got my Melkmugs this past Wednesday, I was so excited to give them to my boyfriend, I couldn't even wrap them. I simply handed him the box. He was beyond thrilled. Took them to work to show off even, people were immediately directed to your site.  Two people have already claimed to have purchased the mugs! You've got  a winner here! Thanks for the best gift ever! Colombus, OH
Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I love the Melk Mugs! This is my first order with you. I ordered 16 mugs and I was hoping that for the money it would be well worth it, and it is! The items were shipped very quickly and I was pleasantly surprised that each mug was individually boxed! Perfect for gift giving!! And the plastic these are made out of is very durable. The picture of the mugs you have doesn't do the moose justice.  If anyone out there is considering moose mugs- these Melk Mugs are the way to go!! THANK YOU!! AND MERRY CHRISTMAS. HAVE A HAPPY GRISWOLD HOLIDAY!!! YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!!  Machester, NH
My friend will LOVE this for Christmas.  Thank you for your fantastic customer service!  Merry Christmas!  San Antonio, TX
I just wanted to let you know that I received my mugs yesterday! They could not be more perfect! Our family is nuts about this movie and it has become our Christmas Eve tradition. I can't wait to see the look on my husband's face when he sees his new mug! Thanks so much! I will be ordering again! Springfield, MO
Thank you so much for your quick shipment. I can't wait to see my brother-in-law's face when he opens these on Christmas. He's wanted a set of these for years!  I highly recommend your company.  Helena, MT
The mugs were an absolute hit at our annual Christmas Vacation viewing. A brother-in-law of mine bought a pair as well and everyone had a great time. Well done. Sweeny, TX
Just received my melkmugs today. They are absolutely AWESOME!!!  The melkmugs are great. The plastic is  “kid friendly” and my boys love them. We couldn’t be happier and will order more in the near future. Thanks again for the great product.  Kanasas City, KS
My sister-in-law was so thrilled when I gave her the mugs.  She said it made her year!  She had been wanting some for years.  Daytona Beach, FL
I was SO excited when I found your website.  A very special person in my life has been searching HIGH and LOW for these mugs.  It is a tradition each year to watch that crazy movie—he’s always wished he could crack open the egg nog and have his very own moose mug toast! Louisville, KY
Thanks so much for your quick reply.  I just placed an order for 10 mugs!  We are ordering these to pass out as gifts and use for a toast at our annual CV party. I know everyone will be so excited to toast with our Melk Mugs™ mugs! Baton Rouge, LA
I just received my first order and am dying!  They are great! San Diego, CA
(Melk Mugs™ note: Customer placed a 2nd order)
...listening to AM 720 WGN Chicago John Willimas show and they had another seller there interviewing him about his products; so with the enthusiasm over the movie and all, my guess is that others have done what I did and that was to look under the Google engine for moose cups and that is how I found you folks. Thanks again and we can't wait to give these cups to my sister and brother in law!! Chicago, IL
This will be a great suprise for my new husband. I cant wait to show them off. I bet all our friends will want some! Baltimore, MD
I am using the mugs as gifts for my groomsmen...I am very positive each of my groomsmen will be submitting their own orders for more of the mugs. Wilmington, DE
I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you again for all you did.  The mug was a huge hit. Green Bay, WI
(Melk Mugs™ note: Customer was a dead-ringer for Cousin Eddie at his annual Haloween party)
Yea!  Something I have been looking for and very affordable as well!! Minneapolis, MN
Congratulations on bringing such a great product to market, well done!  I am SOOOOO excited. My whole family are huge fans of National Lampoon's Christmas vacation.  I am thrilled to find yours so I can buy my brother, my husband's brother, and possibly his cousins a set for a housewarming gift, plus US!  Lansing, MI
I really need to get these mugs!!!  I am so glad that there is finally a website that will sell them.  I've been looking for them for years. Philadelphia, PA
We have a Christmas Vacation party every year.  These are just what I need! Great...Thanks! Birmingham, AL
I have wanted these for years & was so happy to see you have created them!! Wichita, KS
We are third time orderers. Love the mugs! Just need 4 more! Thank you!! Orlando, FL